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Welford and Wickham CE (VA) Primary School

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Donnington Years 3&4

Autumn 2018

Welcome to Donnington Class!


We would like to welcome you to our Donnington Class web page. We hope you enjoy learning all about our brilliant class and find out about what we are doing at school this term!


We are a Year 3 and Year 4 mixed class and our teacher is Mr Waller. Our Learning Support Assistants are Mrs Miller, and Mrs Waterston who work in the classroom throughout the week to support the children in their learning. Our classroom is a bright and fun environment in which we can share our learning with each other and has a brilliant reading corner full of books where we can enjoy our daily reading. We enjoy everything about our class, especially seeing our work around our classroom walls.


We hope you enjoy looking at what we will be learning for the rest of this term with our topic map, and enjoy looking at the photos of us and our learning.

Donnington Class working as team superstars to punctuate direct speech

Creating our amazing Science Posters about sound!

A fantastic kickboxing demonstration in Achievers

Reading the poem 'The Battle of Hastings'

What an 'ilarious day Donnington 'ave 'ad! Today we loved reading the poem 'The Battle of Hastings' and identified key features in the poem. We particularly loved learning about how to write in dialect, including dropping our 'h's!  'Appy days!
Donnington class had so much fun today playing with the incredible musical instruments that they made! We learned the different ways sound can be produced and with all kinds of instruments, we learned how to change pitch and volume. Thank you so much for your hard work Donnington, and thank you to everyone who helped at home to make this the best orchestra in Newbury! smiley

Using speech bubbles to give a character a voice

We looked at the Bayeux Tapestry carefully and then thought about giving the characters a voice. So, using speech bubbles, the children thought about what different characters in the tapestry might have to say. We had so much fun!

How long is the Bayeux Tapestry?

The children learned just how long the Bayeaux tapestry is by standing in a line 70 metres long!! We were blown away by just how long this is! It makes the Bayeaux tapestry even more impressive!