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Welford and Wickham CE (VA) Primary School

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Three times a year the children will be doing the short tests for reading, spelling and maths. We use these to help you to track their progress in these key areas. As with any test, they only provide a snapshot of your child’s attainment on the day, giving a standardised ‘age’ for their skills at that point. These results will be issued to you in the format of a Report card in the autumn and summer and full school report at Easter.


What does the information on the report card mean?

At the start of the academic year most pupils start at the emerging level; there are then three terms used to describe the progress of a pupil throughout the academic year as they progress towards age-related expectations. At the end of the academic year pupils should attain the ‘expected’ level:

  • Emerging: not yet reaching expected levels
  • Expected: meeting the expected levels for the end of the academic year
  • Exceeding: working beyond expected levels for the end of the academic year

To help you track your child’s linear progression your child’s spelling, maths and reading ages will continue to be issued.