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Friends of Welford and Wickham

Welcome to the Friends of Welford and Wickham School section of our website. The school has a very active and hugely supportive parent body.

If you are considering be a part of the Friends team then please speak to the school office staff.

School Nativity


The school spends many hour rehearsing and preparing for the school Nativity play. It takes place in our local church and the Friends support the school at events such as this by organising mince pies (donated by parents) and Mulled wine to keep everyone warm and in the Christmas spirit. This year, after 4 years without snow, we surprised the children who came out of church to a wonderfully lit blizzard...what are the chances that there would be real snow in the village just 48 hours beforehand! Despite it being the second flurry the children had seen this week they had a wonderful time.

Many thanks to all the staff for working so hard to make the Nativity happen and the parents who donated money to the Friends, provided the mince pies and drank the mulled wine.

Merry Christmas 

Friends Casino & Cocktail Night

The Casino & Cocktail Night was held at Wickham Village Hall last Friday, and was well attended and enjoyed by over 50 people. The Casino tables provided and run by Berkshire Events were a great success, whilst the amazing Cocktail Bar and Staff provided a wide range of extravagant cocktails throughout the night. Profits are still to be finalised but it is anticipated to be in excess of £500. A massive thank you to all that contributed to making the evening an unforgettable experience.

The Friends of Welford & Wickham along with The Kennet Horse Boat Company have provided us with amazing tracksuits for when our pupils go and play sports. A big thank you from all at the school!