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Parent Forum Minutes

Parent Forum minutes

Friday 19th January 2018


Attending: A. Wellman, C. Wilson, B. Lambourne, P. Mahoney, R. Waterston, S. Farrelly, I. Marangio, K. Roberts, P. Brash, A. Brown


1. Parking

- seek parent volunteers to assist kiss and drop, please let school office know if you can help

- school is hoping to obtain some signs from west berks road safety to use in troublesome areas

- West Berks parking enforcement officer will be making adhoc visits to monitor parking

- we have seen some improvement but there are still some parents parking illegally and inconsiderably

- suggested we ask parents to ensure they park as close to the car next to them so good use of all parking can be obtained

- invite neighbours in to update them on what action is being taken and ask for any comments/suggestions

- after parking enforcement have visited and parking signs are in place, if certain parents continue to illegally park then letters to those parents to be sent

- can we clarify rules and use of zigzags

- school mini bus is taking up valuable parking space can it be parked on zig zags, up the lane or on off road parking outside main entrance


2. Head lice

- enquire whether school nurse can visit to inspect/advise

- Social health / safeguarding issue

- can school offer help and guidance to those parents whose children evidently have head lice, provide treatment / combs etc

- suggest a specific day all can check


3. Communication

- parents present voiced concern over poor communication, there has not been a notification of new student teachers in yr 1/2, could there be a bit info about their placement purpose etc

- suggestion of more opportunity to meet informally / feedback with teachers, maybe after achievers teachers could take it in turns to be available for coffee/chat in staff room for 30 mins


4. Library

- suggestion of a volunteer to be available once a week to act as librarian so children can use the library and sign books out