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Pupil Premium

At Welford and Wickham we are committed to supporting every child and their family in our school community to succeed, regardless of whether the child is in receipt of the pupil premium grant. We recognise that every child may experience periods of time at any point during their school life when their ability to learn is affected. We equally recognise that not all vulnerable families are eligible to receive pupil premium. In partnership with parents, we seek to identify any barrier to learning for any child as quickly as possible and work to support the child and their family through any difficulties they may be facing. Whilst the information in this section is related specifically to those who receive the pupil premium grant, the school's warm, caring approach means that every child, whatever their vulnerability, has every opportunity to flourish and thrive. 

Please read the information below which gives details of our Pupil Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding across the Kite Primary Federation (Stockcross and Welford & Wickham CE Primary Schools). Our PPG strategy are evaluated in January, April and September to ensure that the needs of the children continue to be met. Barriers to learning include lack of self-confidence and other underlying emotional needs, and access to high quality learning experiences.